Grease LXMO2

Grease LXMO2

A premium NLGI-2 lithium complex grease formulated with an advanced extreme pressure (EP) and antiwear (AW) additive technology which contains 2% Molybdenem Disulphide.

Operating temperature range is from – 20C to 150C. And it can endure higher temperatures for short periods or if the lubrication frequency is increased.

For use in most types of automotive and industrial applications including heavyduty service where high and shock loads are encountered. It is highly suitable for rolling element bearings, plane bearings, constant velocity (cv) joints, gears and rod coupling threads. Because of its outstanding corrosion and water resistant properties it is particularly suitable where water ingress is present such as underground tunneling or mining and ore crushing plants.

Package Size

450 gm cartridge, 20 Kg, 180 Kg